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Are Vacant Homes a Target for Miscreants?

According to Elizabeth Duke, Federal Reserve Board governor (from Realtor Magazine): ‘Vacant homes pose a major challenge to the housing and economic recovery… and that these can be more than just an eye sore; they can have substantial negative impacts on the surrounding community.’

One major negative impact is that these homes are a target of break-ins. Read on...


Owning a home is a big part of the American Dream. Did you know that apart from pride of ownership and a number of tax benefits, there are some more benefits of home ownership? Read on...

Do you qualify for a VA Loan?

Let’s start with: What is a VA Loan?

Simple answer: This is a home loan guaranteed by the Veterans’ Administration. The guarantee is for a certain percentage of the loan and there is a maximum limit. More...

Home Buying – the Money Part

At the outset, let me say that I am not a loan officer or a mortgage specialist. I am a Realtor, and as such, I come across buyers who are bewildered by the money part of buying a home.

Terms like closing costs, down payment and earnest money fly around them, and they are totally foxed. Read on...

To All Buyers looking at Foreclosures

Those days of ‘stealing’ a home are over. Homes in foreclosure cannot be had at pennies on the dollar as several of my buyers think. We have seen this trend all through the year. Realtor Magazine reports that this is in part due to low inventory levels, but it also due to the fact that a number of banks are pricing homes at fair market value and will not budge from that price. If they do, it may be by a small percentage of the asking price. Read on...